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Development direction

 Development Orientation

  Dalian Qihua New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Dalian Qihua ) , in order to participate in international market more actively , is always enforcing technical renovation and large-scale production and improving the medium-term and long-term programmings. Basing on independence and self-reliance, Dalian Qihua advances with the times and persists with sustainable development . As China revitalizes the Northeast, under the guidance of national development strategy and adjustments in industrial policy, Dalian Qihua is making its every effort to grasp that opportunities by means of large-scale production, highly purified products, fine specifications and division of labor. Centering on scientific programming of product structure, motivated by technical renovation and improvement of employee’s quality, by means of system and technical renovation, Dalian Qihua is researching and developing the new materials that have great market potential, and building its own mansion of chemical industry.


Add: No. 80 industrial estate, Dalian economic and Technological Development Zone.

Tel: 0411-87513706

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